Hints for looking after your Pets in Summer

As the weather is starting to warm up, it is important to ensure that your pets have access to shade, such as a verandah or trees, when outside during the day.


• Always check  they have fresh drinking water each day and preferably a bucket tied to a post – this limits the risk of accidentally being knocked over by your pet/s.
• In hot weather you can water your dog/s down with a hose or let them cool off in a baby pool or clam shell.
• Walk dogs in the cooler part of the day – early morning or evening on hot days. Walk on short grass if possible as the pavers or               concrete can heat up quicklyy and get quite hot for their paws.
• Don’t leave your pet/s in the car as a car heats up very quickly even with the windows down.
• Let your pet/s cool off with some ice cubes in their drinking water.