About Us

tracy1My name is Tracy and I decided to start my own Pet Care business in late 2008 as I have always been passionate about animals.  

In 2013 I became a Full Time Secondary Teacher and now my Mum Janne runs the business and I help out with care if I am home on holidays.

I grew up in the country, where I was surrounded by a wide range of animals from a young age and looking after them has always been a large part of my life.  My family have always had a love of animals too.

As a pet owner I have also experienced the dilemma & worry of who was to take care of my pets when I am on holiday. I realized that I felt more comfortable with my pets being cared for in their own environment, rather than a kennel or cattery, or another person's home. I can understand

that many other pet owners feel the same and would like their pets to suffer as little duress as possible while they are absent, which is why I decided to provide caring and personalised to pets while they're in their own safe and familiar environment.

I have had the pleasure of looking after a wide array of pets, including dogs; ranging in a wide variety of breeds, from labradors to terriers. I've also cared for cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets & guinea pigs.

I have had extensive experience in customer service through previous employment & constantly strive to meet the needs & requirements of my clients.




janneHi my name is Janne and I am a co partner in the business with my daughter Tracy. 

Tracy has been a full time Secondary Teacher since 2013, so I have been running the business solely since then.  However, Tracy still helps me out when she is home on holidays.

Tracy started the business as she has mentioned and I came on board in mid 2009.

I saw the potential of the business and assisted Tracy in promoting the business and opening up a website etc. 

I love animals and have been involved in the care of dogs and cats, with various other pets, all my life.  I interact well with animals and definitely enjoy caring for them.

I also like the interaction with clients, which is an important part of our business.  We communicate regularly with clients, while we are caring for their pets.  From my own experience, this is very reassuring to know that they are alright and ensures that you enjoy your stay away from your pets.

My duties are varied as I answer most of the enquiries by phone or email and go out to the free consultation where I will be caring for the pets and also go out with Pet Carers who haven't been involved in the Pet Care business for a long time. 

I also care fJulita Banisteor pets with HOME VISITS, PET SITTING and regular DOG WALKING.

I allocate care out to the Pet Carers in Tracy's Pet Services which are located in Malvern, Parkside, Hazelwood Park, Rostrevor, Aldgate and Old Reynella.  Depending on the area of the care required, the type of care and the availability of the nearest Pet Carer who will be attending to the care.

Please contact me on 8172 1380 or 0438 853 238 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any queries or want to chat about your needs for your pet/s and how we can best care for your pet/s.


Julita Banister has been a Pet Carer in our business since April 2011 and has been a very good addition to the team here at Tracy's Pet Services.  Julita was previously a Registered Nurse and has a caring nature and very reliable and trustworthy.  Julita has the training to give medication via injection if required.  Julita does Pet Home Boarding of small dogs at her home, as well as transportation of dogs and Visits to the pet/s home to care for pet/s.  Julita has a lot of regular Pet Home Boarding clients and is very reliable, trustworthy, competent and caring Pet Carer.   Julita resides at Rostrevor

Elizabeth Astley has been a Pet Carer in our business since May 2012 and does Home Pet Boarding at her home for small, medium and large dogs.  Elizabeth has regular Dog Walking clients as well as regular care of Pets via Home Visits which is visiting the pet/s in their own home once or twice a day.  Elizabeth has a very caring nature and is very reliable and trustworthy.  Elizabeth resides at Aldgate

Debbie Perrin has been a Pet Carer with us since May 2013. Debbie has been involved with a large amount of Regular Dog Walking as well as Pet Visits to care for pets.  Debbie resides at Parkside and is very reliable, trustworthy, friendly and competent Pet Carer with a good repoire with pets and clients.


Norman and Teresa Meadows have been Pet Carers with us since July 2013 and have mainly been involved with Pet Sitting (staying overnight at client's homes to care for pets). However, Norman has also done Pet Visits and regular Dog Walking in his area.  Norman has a good repoire with pets and has regular repeat clients with Pet Sitting.  Norman and Teresa now reside at Old Reynella.


 Judith Brown has been a Pet Carer with Tracy's Pet Services since May 2014 and resides in the Eastern suburbs. Judith has a Police Clearance and has cared for dogs and cats doing Home Pet Visits, as well as the transportation of pets. Judith also does Regular Dog Walking.  Judith is a very reliable and trustworthy Pet Carer.


 Giulia Prosperi-Porta has been a Pet Carer for our business since 9th December 2015 and lives at Melrose Park.  Giulia has been involved in regular dog walking and Visits to dogs and cats.  Giulia can be relied upon to care for your pets well and has a Police Clearance.


Catherine Kountoura has been a Pet Carer for our business since 8th April 2016 and lives at Croydon Park.  Catherine has finished her training as Veterinary Nurse and enjoys caring for a variety of pets.  Catherine is a enthusiastic Pet Carer with a good knowledge of pets in general.  Catherine has a Police Clearance.


Chris Astley has joined our Pet Carer team on 1st July 2016 and is the husband of our Pet Carer Elizabeth.  Chris has a Police Clearance and is a very reliable member of our team.


Grace Theodoulou became a Pet Carer with our business in October 2016.  Grace has cared for a range of pets doing Visits to the clients' homes. and also has done Pet Sitting at client's homes in our overnight care plus occasional Pet Home Boarding at her home.  Grace has a Police Clearance and is an enthusiastic member of our team. Grace resides at O'Halloran Hill.


Sylvia Pope who lives at Hope Valley, has been a Pet Carer with us since 24th February 2017.  Sylvia loves animals and does Regular Dog Walking, Pet Sitting (at Client's home to care for pets), Pet Visits to your home as well as some Pet Home Boarding at her home. Sylviia has a Police Clearance.

Brooke Noye who lives at Lockleys, has been a Pet Carer with us since 28th February 2017.  Brooke has always cared for animals, originally living on a farm, and has done Regular Dog Walking, Pet Sitting (at Client's home to care for pes), and Pet Visits. Brooke has a Police Clearance.